Before Your One Night Stand: Hygiene to Know

“Proper hygiene is important for a one night stand”

“Proper hygiene is important for a one night stand”

You might think that the only thing you need to do before having a one-night stand is get a girl to agree. However, there are several steps you have to take to ensure that you’ll have a good night, along with being safe and healthy. Some of the most important things you need to remember are not related to things you can pick up at all, but to hygiene that you may have forgotten, or that you’re not used to performing in your everyday life. Here are the things you need to remember if you’re going to have a decent date with the best possible hygiene.

Give It a Thorough Scrub

Look, we’re men. There’s no need to pretend that there’s not a funk going on. We know it, and we just hope that women won’t figure it out before we can think of a way to hide it. You don’t have to go out and buy something that will camouflage it, either. Just give everything under your belt a good long scrub before you go on your date, and relax about whether or not she’ll go south and find that she’d rather spend her time somewhere else.

Check Your Hair

One thing that a lot of guys forget we need to wash is a lot further above the belt than the first item on the list. While we think of tending to hair as a pretty girly thing to do, it’s important to make a good impression on any woman you want to go home with. One of the biggest turn-offs for women about otherwise clean guys is when they have something grungy or unclean about their hair.

This especially goes for men with hair longer than a couple inches. Some women are really into the idea of long hair on men. This does not, however, extend to long hair that isn’t properly cared for. Long hair that’s tangled doesn’t work. If you don’t already use shampoo and conditioner, make sure you at least do so before your date.

Fragrance Is Not Soap

“Use cologne after your bath”

“Use cologne after your bath”

One of the biggest mistakes men make when preparing for a date is in thinking that they can cover up any smells with fragrance. No, we’re not just talking about squirting body spray everywhere that’s a little whiffy. This also applies to breath spray or mints instead of properly brushing and flossing your teeth, and deodorant instead of taking a shower.

Yes, those things are both good and important, but you need to start off by being clean in those problem areas. Mouth, armpits, and above all your junk need to be perfectly clean before you go on a date with anyone. If you’re planning to go home with this woman after a first date, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice by not paying attention to the most important areas. Even if you get a first date, you definitely won’t get a second date when you have consistently terrible issues with your hygiene.

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