Jewelry She Thinks Is Sexy (On Her)

It’s important to know what kind of jewelry women like. That’s very basic, and it’s something that it’s important to know if you’re planning on buying jewelry for a woman in your life. However, if you’re just going to hook up with a woman for a single night, you might not know that there are some things you should comment on, and some things you shouldn’t. Some kinds of jewelry are more commonly worn for self-expression, and shouldn’t necessarily be something that you comment on. Other kinds of jewelry are worn more for her date’s benefit, so go ahead and tell her you think they’re cute. Some kinds of jewelry women like men to comment on are:

Belly Button Rings

“A woman shows her belly button ”

“A woman shows her belly button ”

Belly button rings are the first things that girls get when they’re teenagers and they want to be cute and rebellious at the same time. If you’re dating a girl who’s still wearing them, that’s probably a girl who wants to have them appreciated. Call them cute, say that you like seeing them, and tell her she has the belly to pull it off. She’ll light up like a sunflower in natural light.

Tongue Rings

Tongue rings are meant for two things: freaking parents out and making oral sex more enjoyable. If you’re lucky enough to hook up with a girl with a tongue ring, make sure you ask her if she knows how to put that thing to its best possible use – assuming, of course, that you’re already hooking up with her. Otherwise, you’re the insanely creepy guy she’s going to avoid at all costs.

Nipple Rings

Let’s face it: there’s a lot of jewelry that’s great for self-expression, but nipple rings are rarely among them. If you’re hooking up with a girl and you find out that she has pierced nipples, you’re kind of expected to want to play with them, fondle them, and treat them nicely. Don’t be any harder on them than you would be on earrings, though—remember that they’re plugged into some extremely sensitive skin, and you don’t want to be the guy that gave her an injury there. Make sure she knows you’re someone that she can trust with her most sensitive parts. (Along these lines, vaginal piercings are also on this list, for obvious reasons.)

Bracelets (Bangles)

“Women love wearing bracelets and bangles”

“Women love wearing bracelets and bangles”

Bracelets are a difficult kind of jewelry to categorize. On one hand, a girl who wears certain kinds of bracelets is probably doing it to remember something or someone, or because they mean something to her. Bracelets can be the rubber kind that usually have a message, or they can be something skin-hugging, like a hand-woven friendship bracelet. When girls wear bangles, they usually do it because they like the way that the bangles feel when they travel up and down the arm, and the sound they make when they jangle. If you see a girl wearing many thin large hoop bracelets, let her know you’re appreciating the effort.

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